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   June 2021 Featured Artist  Patt Fosnaught

                                     Artist Statement

I have had a career of more than forty years as an artist educator in schools and museums.  Although I work and teach in several media, I especially enjoy creating jewelry using a combination of fabricated and assembled materials, often integrated with found objects.  I love putting colors, shapes and textures together to create objects that individuals can wear and enjoy in combination with clothing and other adornments. 


Patt Fosnaught is a multi-media artist and career art educator, having taught middle school and high school art in Ohio and Tennessee as well as Art Appreciation, Art History and Art Education classes at Tennessee Tech, the University of Tampa and the University of South Florida.  She holds a BFA degree from the University of Dayton and the Dayton Art Institute and a master's degree in art education from Wright State University, all located in Ohio.

Patt served for nine years as as Assistant Curator at the Tampa Museum of Art, then became Curator of Education at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art in 2004. There she managed all education exhibitions and programs as well as other activities at the museum.  Since 2007, she has been teaching watercolor and drawing classes for Hillsborough Community College and working with Arts4All Florida to promote arts opportunities for children and adults with disabilities.  She has been active for several years as a Board member for the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts where she has been a key player in developing rules for the artists as well as selecting judges, and she herself has judged many art shows and competitions.  This year, 2021, she was instrumental in converting the Gasparilla Festival to a virtual format successfully so that it could offer the artists and public the opportunity to market and collect quality work. The Gasparilla for the Arts Festival artists sold artwork valued at more than $150,000 through this first ever virtual only sale.

Along with teaching and managing art education programs and many community activities, her primary creative outlet and focus for the past several years has been designing and creating jewelry, both assembled and fabricated from raw materials using various metals and incorporating gemstones.

Select the below button to view Patt's beautiful creations. If your would like to contact Patt about her work please do so at


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