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Roberta Schofield   Featured Artist - Mar 2021

Artist's Statement

As an artist, I can change photographic "reality" into fantasy--the moment in time becomes the timeless moment--through photo editing software. The textures, values, colors and lines peculiar to the digital world are intensely pure.  Computer software provides a rich variety of possible combinations that can be manipulated to create unique imagery. I have only scratched the surface of the possible because "happy accident" is a major characteristic of this exploration, keeping the process always fresh and new.  With changes applied to an image until it becomes something new, the worlds created in the computer take on a presence beyond the photograph, both modern and timeless. 


Schofield's images use a wide range of subjects, all processed through photo-editing software, including hand work with digital stylus, to emerge with painterly and fantasy qualities.  When these images are requested, they are printed on canvas and laminated at 1600 degrees giving them staying power even outdoors.


A member of Las Damas de Arte since 1986, Schofield earned an MFA in Painting and Photography in 1979 from the University of South Florida.  Since then, she has exhibited her work all over the US in solo and group shows, appeared in international magazines, and had a 2-person show in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  Her work was included in The Heroic and the Sublime Large-Scale Work by Contemporary Women Artists at the Gulf Coast Museum of Art in Largo, FL, in People's Choice at the Polk Museum of Art and in 130 years: Lynn Fostkett/Leslie Neumann/Roberta Schofield at Gallery 221 at Hillsborough Community College.  She has held faculty appointments at the University of South Florida, South Florida Junior College, the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, and at St. Petersburg Junior College, and has lectured extensively.  Schofield's digitally altered photographs have won many awards and her biography is in Who's Who in American Art and Who's Who in America.

If you are interested in viewing more of Roberta's work, please visit her website at or contact her through email at .


Looney Tones  2020

Digitally Altered Photograph 52" x76"


Mirrors 2021

Digitally Altered Photograph 52" x 72"

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