Membership in Las Damas de Arte:  LDDA is an invitational club limited to 75 active members and unlimited associate members. Two sponsors are required and a 1-year provisional service year before  becoming an Active member and 5-year's service as an Active member before becoming an Associate member.


We look forward to another wonderful year, membership renewals are due 8/7/21.  Please respond ASAP.




Member’s Name _______________________________________________________________________________


Member’s Address _____________________________________________City__________________Zip________


Phone: Home: (       )  __________________ Office: (      )__________________Cell: (___)________________


Email address______________________________________________________________________________


Status (Please check one)

______Active ($45):  Shall have full voting privileges, shall serve at least six (6) hours annually, and shall attend at least two (2) functions annually.

______Associate ($60):  Shall have all privileges of membership with the exception of voting and holding executive board positions.


Active & Associate Members:


Check to serve as a committee member on one or all of the following.

_________Holiday Auction        ____________Sunday in the Arts      __________White Elephant sale


I’m interested in becoming a member of the executive board:


President________VP_________Recording. Secy _______Corresponding Secy ________ Treasurer_______


Please Email your responses to Mary Britain -

no later than  9/1/2021.


Pay via Paypal at or

mail check payable to LDDA P.O. Box 10903, Tampa FL, 33679.


Dues are payable by 8/14 and delinquent after 9/1/2021.


If we do not receive your renewal card and check by 9/1/2021 you may not be listed in the yearbook/directory.