Membership in Las Damas de Arte:  LDDA is an invitational club limited to 75 active members and unlimited associate members. Two sponsors are required and a 1-year provisional service year before  becoming an Active member and 5-year's service as an Active member before becoming an Associate member.


We look forward to another wonderful year, membership renewals are due in August.  Please respond ASAP.




Member’s Name _______________________________________________________________________________


Member’s Address _____________________________________________City__________________Zip________


Phone: Home: (       )  __________________ Office: (      )__________________Cell: (___)________________


Email address______________________________________________________________________________


Status (Please check one)

______Active ($45):  Shall have full voting privileges, shall serve at least six (6) hours annually, and shall attend at least two (2) functions annually.

______Associate ($60):  Shall have all privileges of membership with the exception of voting and holding executive board positions.


Active & Associate Members:


Check to serve as a committee member on one or all of the following.

_________Holiday Auction        ____________Sunday in the Arts      __________White Elephant sale


I’m interested in becoming a member of the executive board:


President________VP_________Recording. Secy _______Corresponding Secy ________ Treasurer_______


Please Email your responses to Mary Britain -

no later than September 1.


Pay via Paypal at or

mail check payable to LDDA P.O. Box 10903, Tampa FL, 33679.


Dues are payable by in August and delinquent after September 1. 


If we do not receive your renewal card and check by Sept. 1 you may not be listed in the yearbook/directory.