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Dee with Red Scarf.jpg

Dee Lobo - Taken Christmas 2021

Paintings by Dee Lobo

Dee choice6.jpg
Dee choice8.jpg
Red boat.png
Dee choice01.jpg
Dee choice2.jpg
Dee choice02.jpg
Dee choice5 2nd.png
Dee choice5.jpg
Dee choic22.jpg
Dee choice4.jpg
Dee choice9.jpg
Dee choice10.jpg
Dee choice11.jpg
Dee choice16.jpg
Dee choice13.jpg
2 men white shirts.jpg
Dee choice12.jpg
Dee choice17.jpg
Dee choice15.jpg
Dee choice20.jpg
Dee choice19.jpg
Dee choice18.jpg
Dee choice21.jpg
Dee choice23.jpg
Dee choice27.jpg
Dee choice24.png
Dee Red Abstract w yellow.jpg
Dee choiceJudge.jpg
Dee choice28.jpg
Dee choice26.jpg
Black poodle.png
Gold figure and face.jpg
Blond hands on face.jpg

Dee has been a very prolific painter. To see these and more in greater detail, go to

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