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Las Damas de Arte, P.O. Box 10903, Tampa, FL 33679

Las Damas De Arte 2023-2024

Board of Directors:

President -                    Carol Gaynor

VicePresident -             Melissa Spring

Treasurer -                    Karen Wells, MD 

Secretary -                    Susan Lane

Standing Committees

Membership – Carol Gaynor, Chairperson, Appointed by the President

                        Rosemary Watts, Appointed by the Chair

                        Mary Britain, Appointed by the Chair

Nominating –  Teri Willis, Chairperson, Appointed by the President

Grants/Scholarships –  Patt Fosnaught, Chairperson, Appointed by the 2020-21 Chairperson, Judi Kelly

                        Committee Members:

                        Terry Lee

                        Simone Leal


Special Committees

Bylaws - Bobbie Schofield

Holiday Celebration –  

Hospitality - TBA

Sunday in the Arts (SITA) –  Simone Leal

Yearbook –  Bobbie Schofield 

Website/Facebook – Leslie Jeffery

Publicity - TBA

Telephone - Jeanne Paul 

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