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Giselle Tinsley

8506 N Mulberry St

Tampa, FL 33604



Las Damas de Arte

Dear Las Damas de Arte:

I am exceedingly honored to receive the $1000 scholarship for art majors. Without the financial support I get from wonderful organizations like Las Damas de Arte, I would not be able to attend college and pursue my degree in art. Attending college has allowed me to better explore the world of art, and participate in wonderful projects held by HCC’s Gallery 221 or in the college’s art department. I’ve also been given the opportunity to meet so many local artists through college.


So, thank you again for supporting my education in the arts.


Giselle Tinsley

May 15, 2020


Hillsborough Community College Foundation


Dear Las Damas de Arte,


I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the “Las Damas de Arte” Scholarship at HCC. With the assistance of this scholarship, my college career is made that much easier, lifting many financial burdens off my shoulders. With this lifted weight I can better focus on committing to my studies, rather than having to balance between jobs and school. Most importantly, with tuition covered I can better afford supplies and materials necessary for my art classes, which can be very costly.

This scholarship will no doubt be a major factor in my college success. At HCC I plan to earn an AA degree in studio art and eventually work towards a Bachelor’s in illustration at The University of South Florida. Everyone knows majoring in the arts is not cheap, which is why scholarships and opportunities such as this are so important. Additionally, with my school fees covered, I can use my own money to buy art supplies and purchase digital art software for personal projects to build my portfolio, as well as invest in a future online business.


With gratitude,

Olivia Blackerby

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