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SITA Kim pic1 (2021_05_17 11_35_36 UTC).
SITA Roberta pic (2021_05_17 11_35_36 UT
Bobbi Schofield and two of her large digital art pieces. 
Kimberly Cummings and Art-to-Wear artist Leeann Kroetsch.
SITA 2021 - Band.jpg
Great music by KpVibes
SITA Sign.jpg

Scenes from SITA 2021

SITA 2021 - Wall of art.jpg
SITA 2021 Wall of art - Lynn Foskett.jpg
 One wall of art - showing some "Red Dots" early in the evening. 
SITA 2021 - Grace Morandi.jpg
Wonderful to see Long-Time Member Grace Senior Morandi

Another wall of art - this prominently featuring a pair of cold wax paintings by Lynn Foskett, a wonderful guest artist.

SITA 2021 - Susanne Nielson and Ann Lern

New Las Damas member Susanne Nielson with Ann Larson, former Director of Leepa-Rattner Museum with a pair of her paintings.

SITA 2021 - Susanne Nielson with her sol

Susanne Nielson with her Sold painting. 

SITA 2021 - wall of easels.jpg

A row of easels display smaller works. 

SITA 2021 - Nancy Polis.jpg

Nancy Polis browsing the Auction Baskets

SITA 2021 - Christinine and Simone.jpg

Guest Crystiline Rojas and Co-Chair of SITA Simone Leal. 

SITA 2021 - Christinine and Barbara.jpg

Guest Crystiline Rojas and Barbara Kazanis and Barb's sold painting. Thanks Crystliine for photos. 

SITA 2021 - Christiline.jpg

Guest Crystiline Rojas, an artist, and a view of one side of the venue.

sita 2021 judi 3.jpg

Patt Fosnaught and her beautiful hand-crafted pieces. 

sita 2021 judi 7.jpg

SITA Co-Chairman Pat Fenda & Her Art

sita 2021 judi 8.jpg
sita 2021 judi Pat Fenda and Sponsor.jpg

SITA Co-Chair Pat Fenda & Our Wonderful Event Sponsor David Dibbs

LDDA Member Artist Lorrie Mason & Her Art

sita 2021 judi 4.jpg

Bonita Cobb browsing one of our creative Jewelry Artists. 

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